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Things to Do in McGregor, Iowa

McGregor, Iowa, is a small city on the Mississippi River with a population of 742, as of the 2020 census. It is close to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and Pike’s Peak State Park to the south. To the north is Marquette.

Rivertown Fine Books

If you love antiques and books, you’ll want to visit Rivertown Fine Books in McGregor, Iowa. They offer both antiques and current titles. And, they have a great children’s section, too. The store’s owner, John Malcom, started collecting books as a hobby when he was traveling as a corporate pilot. Now, he makes his dream career by selling rare and specialty books.

Another place to go in McGregor is the Paper Moon, which is an 1860s building. Inside, you’ll find local goods and regional foods. There’s local honey and granola, as well as locally made cheese and other foods. You can also try ZaZa’s artisan pasta, which costs $5 a box.

McGregor is a small town in northeast Iowa. The population was around 850 in 2010, and it sits between the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin state line. It is a great place to explore local history, and it is close to Pike’s Peak State Park.

Art Museum

If you’re looking for a fun, free family activity in McGregor, you’ve come to the right place. This small, picturesque town has plenty to offer for the whole family. From its rich history to its beautiful downtown, McGregor, Iowa has something to offer everyone. The McGregor Historical Museum is an excellent choice. There’s plenty to do and see, including a variety of exhibits from local artists.

Caverns & Caves

If you have never been to Iowa’s caves, you’re in for a treat. This extensive network of tunnels is 16 miles long and features stunning rock formations. It is important to wear proper clothing when entering the cave, as temperatures tend to hover around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are also boat tours that can be taken to explore the cave. These tours take about 30 minutes, and can be taken by either adults or children. Guides will explain the cave’s history, how it was discovered, and how it was developed. Tours are priced at $13 for adults and $9 for children.

While you’re visiting the Caverns & Caves in McCord, you should also stop at the Spook Cave outside of McGregor. This is a relatively new cavern that was discovered in the 1950s by Gerald Mielke. It features a spooky cave and an interactive museum of true life stories. The cave is located at the base of a 90-foot limestone bluff and features an intriguing black opening. There’s also a toddler splash pool for the little ones to cool off in.

Iowa is home to over a thousand caves and cave systems. You can take a leisurely tour of one of these unique attractions or take on the challenge of spelunking. The temperature inside the caves is between 45-55 degrees, and the caves are quite slippery.

While you’re in the caves, make sure to pack plenty of water. You’ll be walking in dark caves with temperatures as low as 47 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also important to pack a flashlight.

National & State Parks

Pikes Peak State Park is a state park in McGregor, Iowa that is home to a 500-foot bluff that overlooks the Upper Mississippi River and the Wisconsin River. It is operated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and is nearly 1,000 acres in size.

This park is home to some beautiful cliff views of the Mississippi River valley and excellent hiking trails. Trails wind up the meadow ridges and past spring-fed waterfalls. Nearby effigy mounds are a scenic backdrop. The campsites are clean, shady, and level, and facilities are kept clean and well-maintained.

Bridal Veil Falls is accessible via a half-mile boardwalk. Other attractions in the area include the Bear Mound, a Native American effigy from the Woodland period. There are four miles of trails to explore and a number of fossils are found along the way. Some of the trails are paved and mountain bikes can be ridden along them.

Pikes Peak State Park is an excellent place to hike and enjoy beautiful views of the Mississippi River. You can also go fossil hunting and bike along the trails. The surrounding area offers plenty of outdoor activities, as well as museums and shopping. If you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner with your loved one, you’ll find a few restaurants nearby.

The prehistoric mounds along the banks of the Mississippi River are particularly interesting. They were used as burial sites and are of great archaeological interest. Hundreds of these ancient mounds have been destroyed by farming operations, but the few remaining examples are worth preserving. The mounds in McGregor are some of the best examples of these ancient monuments in Iowa.

Discovery Center

McGregor, Iowa is a historic community with a rich history. Founded in 1856, it is home to the first steamboat service and riverboat landing in the state. The town is named for Scottish-born Captain Angus McGregor. The town is in the Driftless Area, a region of the Midwest that was not glaciated during the last ice age.

Located seven miles west of McGregor in rural Clayton County, Iowa, Spook Cave is a privately owned tourist attraction that opened in 1955. Guests can explore the two to six foot deep water at a constant 47 degrees. Located at the end of Emma Big Bear Trail, the Spook Cave Overlook is easily accessible by car. The Cobblestone Inn & Suites hotel is near Spook Cave.

The Discovery Center in McGregor, Iowa has a rich history. The town was originally founded by Alexander MacGregor and was named after him. The town is also home to a famous artist, Andrew Clemens, who practiced the lost art of sand painting. Moreover, the town was the childhood home of the Ringling Brothers circus family.

McGregor has a large number of activities for children and families. Visitors can visit the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, which will help them understand more about the river. They can also enjoy the beautiful city parks and hiking trails. During open gym hours, children can also visit the MAC indoor playground.

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