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The Ethical Values of Entertainment News

Entertainment News covers a variety of topics related to movies, music, and television. It also includes celebrity coverage and film criticism.

The issue of lack of ethical values in entertainment journalism has been raised with some people claiming that the main aim of journalism is not being achieved. This paper will try to establish whether that is true.


Music is an important component in the entertainment industry. It has influenced the development of television, movies, video games and other forms of entertainment. Music journalism is concerned with reporting, holding discussions and carrying out evaluation and interpretation of the different aspects of music and its performances. It also focuses on how it can be used as a form of entertainment.

In an article about Lindsey Lohan, an entertainment journalist writes that her behavior in the past is considered outrageous and a slap on the face of the celebrity world. The review is seen to have incorporated most of the standards and values of ethical journalism though it shows a bit of personalized negativity about the celebrity that could be attributed to her personal experience with Justin Bieber who has been involved in similar incidents (US Magazine, 2011).

In another example, an article criticizing Chris Brown’s behavior is written by Judy Kurtz. It is found to have incorporated most of the standard and values of ethical journalism though it is evident that the writer has used some sources that are not reliable. This could be a violation of the code of ethics of the media which requires journalists to exercise restraint and not cause harm to the subjects they report about (US magazine, 2011).


The television is one of the most influential inventions of our time. It is a source of entertainment, information, and education for people from all walks of life. It has also become a major form of advertising.

Unlike traditional newspapers, television can reach a wide audience in a short amount of time. In addition, television is able to present news in multiple languages. In the early days of TV, audiences were often astonished by this new technology. Some even thought that television was a complete waste of money.

But by 1928, a few years after its introduction, television was starting to take hold. The technology had evolved from a series of blips on a screen to full-color broadcasting. Initially, television was limited to a few networks that purchased commercial time on local stations to provide viewers with their choice of shows. These programs included simple comedies and dramas. They also included cowboy and military shows.

In addition to television, there are many other forms of entertainment. Music journalism is one of these forms of entertainment journalism. Its goal is to criticize the music that is relayed to the public by means of reporting, holding discussions, and evaluating. In addition, music journalism also involves interpreting the musical genres and its performances.

Another type of entertainment journalism is film criticism. Film criticism is an important part of the media industry. It helps keep readers up-to-date with the latest movies and music. It also provides a platform for discussion of controversial issues in the film industry. The biggest film critics have the power to influence the direction of the industry and even shape history.

Despite the fact that journalism is a noble profession, some of its practitioners seem to have forgotten about the ethics of their work. This is apparent in their coverage of personalities such as Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and others. This paper seeks to establish whether the lack of ethical values in entertainment journalism is a serious issue that should be taken into consideration. It is important for journalists to be aware of the ethics that they should follow in order to maintain their credibility and professionalism.


Like any other industry, the entertainment business has standard practices and ethics that are supposed to ensure that the work is done properly. However, there have been several issues and cases that seem to undermine these ethical values. This article aims to establish whether or not the entertainment industry is lacking in ethical standards by looking at examples of how personalities are covered in the media.

The role of the media is to provide information to the public regarding arising contemporary issues in society. However, it is increasingly felt that this aim is being sidelined by the media industry itself. This has resulted in a decrease in the value of journalism. This trend has also had an effect on the entertainment news industry.

Sports are a huge part of the entertainment industry and there is a growing interest in athletes as celebrities in their own right. As a result, brands are looking to capitalize on this by creating content with or for the athletes themselves. This is known as influencer marketing and is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

As a result, it is important for sports and entertainment lawyers to be aware of these trends so they can protect their clients’ interests. They can do this by helping them develop a strategy that includes influencer marketing and by identifying potential risks. This will help them make informed decisions and maximize the value of their investments. It will also enable them to minimize legal risk and liability. In addition, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and changes in the sports and entertainment industries.

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