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Things to Do in McGregor, Iowa

McGregor, Iowa is located in Clayton County and is home to a population of 742 as of the 2020 census. The city lies on the Mississippi River, across from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The nearby cities of Marquette and Pike’s Peak State Park can be found to the north and south.

MCGREGOR IOWA has a golf course

If you’re looking for a golf course in McGregor, Iowa, you’ve come to the right place. There’s more than one course within a hundred miles of this town. You can play a round or two without having to travel far from home.


If you’re looking for a fun place to spend the day, McGregor, Iowa, is a perfect destination. This town is home to a rich history. Alexander MacGregor was the town’s founder, and Andrew Clemens was an important local artist. Clemens practiced the lost art of sand painting, and he lived in the home of the Ringling family, who founded the famous circus.

Visitors can learn about the history of McGregor, Iowa, by visiting its museums. These places give visitors an insight into the local culture, and they’re free. These museums focus on local history, children’s history, and scientific discoveries. All of them are fun for the whole family. The following map will help you find the best museums in McGregor.

Caverns & Caves

The Caverns & Caves in the city of McGregor, Iowa are an excellent weekend getaway spot. Visitors can walk on the trails and experience the natural wonders of Iowa. However, they should be aware of safety precautions. The trails aren’t paved and some parts require you to crawl on your hands and knees. In addition, flashlights are essential.

The largest cave room is a hundred feet long and 30 feet high. Tour guides explain the cave’s formation and history. Tours last about 30 minutes and are suitable for families with children. Tickets cost $13 per adult and $9 for children. Several tours take place every day.

The Spook Cave is another interesting attraction in McGregor, Iowa. It was a popular attraction for roadtrippers during the 1950s. It is filled with natural limestone formations and stalactites. The cave contains evidence of Iowa’s geological history. It also has a 35-foot dome room and a massive frozen mineral waterfall.

The Iowa Cave System is a complex network of caverns spanning over 16 miles. Visitors must be equipped with wet suits and protective gear before they can enter. You can explore the stalactite and stalagmite formations inside the cave. The tunnel system is the longest in the Upper Midwest and the 33rd longest in the country.

Dining options

McGregor, Iowa, is a city in Clayton County, Iowa. According to the 2010 census, the population was 871. It is located on the Mississippi River, across from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. To the south and north of McGregor are the towns of Marquette and McGregor Heights.

McGregor, Iowa offers a variety of dining options for visitors. The city is located along the Mississippi River and many restaurants offer locally caught seafood. There are also several retail shops along Main Street. Visitors can also visit the McGregor Riverwalk. For those who are looking for something more relaxing, McGregor has an indoor playground.

Rivertown Fine Books

If you’re looking for something unique to do in McGregor, Iowa, you should stop in at Rivertown Fine Books. This family-owned bookstore specializes in antiques and specialty books. The store features a wide variety of items, including children’s books. The store is located at 148 Main St. In addition to their extensive selection of books, they also offer delivery service.

This book store was started 17 years ago by John Malcom, who had a passion for books while traveling as a corporate pilot. His love of books turned into his dream job. The bookstore features rare books, antiques, and a children’s section. The town is also home to Tanagra Private Winery & Distilery, where you can enjoy wine tastings and stay in cozy farm cottages.

You can also enjoy lunch and dinner at the McGregor Pub. The pub is located in a historic building that dates back to 1855. It features three stories and is full of interesting items. Besides books, there are unique gifts, housewares, toiletries, gourmet foods, and unique home decor.

The McGregor Main Street is lined with antique stores, specialty shops, and historic architecture. In addition, the Froelich Foundation Museum, which was established in 1986, preserves the heritage of Froelich, Iowa, a thriving community in the 1860s. The city also boasts Cafe McGregor, which offers home-style comfort food and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


If you’re in search of unique gifts, McGregor, Iowa has them! You may be interested in Paper Moon, a unique gift and book store that opened in 1994. It’s located in an old brick building on Main Street that was built in the 1860s. Paper Moon’s distinctive crescent moon sign hangs over the front door. The owner’s daughter oversees the store, which is known for its varied stock. The store also offers gift certificates and online ordering.

You can find a wide variety of artisan gifts and foods in downtown McGregor. Many of the items are handpicked by the shop owner. The town also hosts several annual events. You can also find a piano store downtown. The shop owner offers piano lessons, sales, and specialty work.

McGregor is situated in northeast Iowa near the Mississippi River. It is surrounded by steep bluffs, giving it the nickname, “The Pocket City.” Main Street winds through downtown McGregor and passes through the Commercial Historic District, which features restored 19th-century buildings and specialty shops. Highway 76 connects the north and west sides of the city.

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