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Things to Do in Glenrock, Wyoming

There are a number of things to do in Glenrock, Wyoming. From history to dinosaurs, you will find plenty to keep you occupied during your stay in this small city. For instance, you can spend your day at the Dinosaur Park and Dinosaur Museum. You can also take advantage of the nine-hole golf course and fish along Deer Creek.


If you love the outdoors, there are many things to do in Glenrock, Wyoming. The town is located in central Wyoming, near the confluence of the Deer Creek and North Platte rivers. Fishing is a popular pastime, and there is also a nine-hole golf course. You can also explore the town’s historic downtown, which features the Commerce Block, a landmark that was constructed in 1917 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There’s also the Glenrock Paleon Museum, and several restaurants.

The town has a rich history, dating back to the early days of the West. It served as a vital supply point for emigrants during the Westward Expansion. In the 1850s, the town was named for its Deer Creek Station. In 1860, Pony Express Riders began carrying mail through the area, setting a record for speed. Eventually, the Pony Express Riders were replaced by the telegraph, and the town became a relay point for telegraph messages.


Located in Central Wyoming, Glenrock is a small town of approximately 2,600 residents. Its history began in the 1800s when it was known as Deer Creek Station, an important supply point for emigrants traveling west. In the mid-1800s, Pony Express Riders brought mail and supplies to the town, and the town became a stop on the Oregon Trail. Eventually, the town expanded its industrial base, and a large number of industries were established in the area, including the railroad, the oil and gas fields, and mining.

In the late 1800s, a Pony Express and Overland Mail station opened in Glenrock. This facility served as a vital supply point for thousands of emigrants. The area was even garrisoned by two companies of the Kansas Cavalry during the Civil War.

Glenrock is home to approximately 2,400 residents of voting age. The median age is 30.4 and the median household income is $70,114. The city’s population is predominantly White (97.7%), with two or more races accounting for the rest. Hispanics make up 4.4% of the population.

In 2020, 80% of Glenrock, WY residents commuted by car alone. Another 9.67% used a carpool to work. And five percent relied on other unspecified means of transportation. Glenrock’s poverty rate is slightly lower than the national average of 12.8%.

Glenrock experiences seasonal variations in monthly snowfall. The snowiest month in Glenrock is March. In the summer, the city experiences little or no snow.


The Paleon Museum in Glenrock, Wyoming is an excellent place to see a rare specimen of an extinct dinosaur. There, the rare fossil called Serpentisuchops pfisterae is on display. The fossil is an example of a polycotylid plesiosaur from the Cretaceous Period. It was discovered in 1995 and has been on display at the Paleon Museum in Glenrock for over fifteen years. The fossil is one of the first of its kind.

The Glenrock Paleontological Museum is a great place to learn about the history and research of dinosaurs. It is home to a skull from a triceratops. The fossil was excavated in 1994 by Sean Smith, who was 19 years old at the time. Later, the fossil was donated to the museum. The Museum aims to educate both children and adults about the science behind dinosaurs and natural history.

The trackway at Glenrock is unique and a great place to find a unique specimen of tyrannosaur footprints. The museum is hoping that these footprints will help to put the museum on the map, and they are on public display.

Students enrolled in the Master’s program at another university are also eligible to participate in field research. The Paleon Museum is a great place to learn about fossils and fossilized plants. The Museum also holds specimens that others have found. Among the many specimens in the museum is a nodosaur bone that has a hole in the hip bone.


When it comes to dining in Glenrock, Wyoming, there is an abundance of choices. You’ll find fast food, pizza, barbecue, and coffee shops. The area is home to a quaint downtown with a historic Commerce Block. Many of the restaurants also offer takeout.


The Glenrock, Wyoming area is a great destination for outdoors enthusiasts. The town is nestled along Interstate 25 between Casper and Douglas. The area offers a scenic drive and is an ideal base for exploring the less-frequented half of Wyoming. While most visitors to the state head for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, this area offers miles of pine-covered mountains and an Oregon Trail. There are several campgrounds and RV resorts in the area.

Glenrock is located in central Wyoming near the confluence of the North Platte River and Deer Creek. This area was a crucial supply point for emigrants heading west. The town was named for its Deer Creek Station, which was established in the 1850s. In 1861, Pony Express Riders carried mail across the area in record time. When the Pony Express Riders were replaced by the telegraph, the town became a relay point for telegraph messages.

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