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Things to Do in Glenrock, Wyoming

Geological treasures

A visit to Glenrock, Wyoming, will not only be an educational experience, but will also allow you to enjoy the region’s stunning scenery. This area is home to the Greater Green River Basin, which is home to numerous geological treasures, including jasperoids and petrified algae. A guided tour is $5 per person; kids under 12 are free with a paying adult. The museum’s museum guides can explain the geological treasures on display and will also show you the museum’s prep lab. It is also possible to arrange group tours.

The region is rich in gemstones and agates. Agates are particularly popular in the area. There are several varieties of the mineral, and you can find both opaque and translucent specimens. Other types of rock include petrified wood and flint. This area also contains numerous varieties of quartz.

There are also plenty of petrified wood, which is part of the Bridger Formation. This petrified wood is black or brown with green veins. Paleoplacer gold can also be found here. Other geological treasures in Glenrock include the Blue Forest agate, which is composed of silicified wood. It is found near Farson and the Eden Valley. It has a black to brown center core and a blue chalcedony outer shell.

Rockhounds will find many valuable minerals and rocks in this area. Some of these are unique to Wyoming, such as Turritella agate and nephrite jade. You can also find petrified wood and quartz in the gravels and streams of the area.


If you’re interested in fishing in Glenrock, Wyoming, you’ll be happy to know that there are several great places to do so. The area is known for its fishing opportunities and is home to several lakes and reservoirs. You’ll find a wide variety of fish here, including the famous Bull Trout. Anglers often choose to use a fly or spin casting to catch their fish. You can also find links to websites about local fish and wildlife. The website even includes GPS coordinates for specific fishing locations.

The location of your fishing trip can make a big difference in the number and size of fish you catch. Lakes near Glenrock are ideal for bass fishing, and the Jeffries City Creeks are excellent for catching Brook Trout. In addition to lakes, you can find other great fishing spots in the area, including the Wind River east of Duboise and Phelps Lake, which is located inside the Grand Teton National Park.


If you are looking for a beautiful location that offers some hiking, Glenrock, Wyoming, might be the place for you. This town sits in the foothills of the Laramie Mountains, near the confluence of Deer Creek and the North Platte River. It is home to the Dave Johnston Power Plant, a large coal-fired electric generating station that provides employment for many people in the area. The town also sits on the Oregon, California, and Bozeman National Historic Trails. The Chicago North Western Railroad constructed a rail line through Glenrock in 1911. The town was incorporated in 1909 and was the first in its county.

The town of Glenrock has a number of hiking trails and parks in the area. The Glenrock Town Park, situated on the east side of Deer Creek, is one of the oldest established parks in the area. The park was once owned by the Skinner family, which cleared it by hand and horse drawn equipment. The area is located on the southern edge of the town, and it is open from sunrise to 10 pm every day.


Shopping in Glenrock, Wyoming has a lot to offer. From fine art galleries to specialty shops, this small town has something for everyone. While you’re in town, try to check out the downtown area. This area is home to several historic buildings, including the Commerce Block, which was constructed in 1917. The block is a National Register of Historic Places landmark. Downtown Glenrock is also home to the Glenrock Paleon Museum and several restaurants.

Historic landmarks

Glenrock, Wyoming is a small town in Converse County. As of the 2010 census, its population was 2,576. The town was once a stop along the Oregon Trail and was an important supply point for emigrants. After the Civil War, it became home to a number of industries that fueled the growth of many communities in central Wyoming.

The town was founded in 1857 and was originally called Deer Creek Station. At the time, it consisted of a post office and blacksmith. During the time of Sir Richard Burton, the station also had a saloon. The saloon was owned by Joseph Bissonette, who had been a member of Manuel Lisa’s expedition from 1812-1813 and an interpreter for Steven Long’s 1819-1820 expedition.

Register Cliff was a landmark that served as a checkpoint for travelers heading west. It also served as proof that they were on the correct path towards South Pass. The inscriptions on the cliffs served two purposes. First, they signaled the travelers that they were on the right path and second, they acted as a signal for friends and family.

The Oregon Trail is another popular tourist attraction in Wyoming. During the 1800s, thousands of travelers crossed the state on their way to California, Utah, or Oregon. Historic landmarks in this state include the Parting of the Ways, Fort Laramie, and the Ayres Natural Bridge, which was the first roadside attraction in the state.

Getting your fill of nature

If you’re looking for a place to stay near the great outdoors, consider Glenrock, Wyoming. The city is conveniently located between Casper and Douglas and is ideal for exploring the less-visited half of Wyoming. While most visitors head straight to the Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park, the area is also close to the Oregon Trail and pine-covered mountains. To get your fill of nature, consider staying at one of the area’s RV resorts.

Glenrock, WY has a high homeownership rate, and the median property value is $194,400. This is slightly higher than the national average of $182,100. The median property value in Glenrock is $194,400, and the homeownership rate is 70.7%. The median household size is two cars, and commute times are 29 minutes on average.

A typical family in Glenrock, WY earns an average of $70,114 per year. This is slightly higher than the national average of $64,994 for a family of three. As a result, the city’s poverty rate is slightly lower than the national average of 12.8%. The city’s highest-paid race/ethnicity is White.

Visitors to Glenrock may also want to take in the museum’s unique plesiosaur fossil, which is home to one of the world’s most unique specimens. The museum also displays rare fossil finds and displays bones of massive dinosaurs. If you’re a fan of geology, this museum is a must-visit.

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