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Things to Do in Eminence, MO

If you’re planning to visit Eminence, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of all that the town and area has to offer. Whether you’re interested in local history, outdoor activities, or shopping, you’re sure to find something to enjoy. Eminence is located in Shannon County, Missouri.

Alley Spring

There are a variety of things to do in Eminence, Missouri. For example, visitors can enjoy hiking or fishing. The town is also home to several species of birds. While visiting the town, be sure to check out the Flat Rock Tower, which has been used to prevent forest fires for many years.

While hiking or kayaking through the park, you may also enjoy visiting the Alley Spring and Mill. This 100-year-old grist mill is free to visit. However, donations are appreciated to help with costs. The mill is located six miles west of Eminence, Missouri, on State Highway 106. The mill is not currently operating, but restoration efforts are underway.

Native Americans once frequented the Alley area. The New Madrid earthquakes in 1812 temporarily halted the flow of the water, but it began flowing again in 1848. In 1893, the area was settling. The Alley Mill was built, originally unpainted. Alley Spring was named after a local farmer named John Alley, who opened the first post office in the community.

Blue Spring

Blue Spring is a natural spring and you can hike through its grounds. The area is beautiful and there are many species of birds to watch. The Blue River is nearby and the water is a beautiful shade of blue. It is also one of the things to do in Emence, Missouri.

Emence is located in Shannon County and is home to a number of natural attractions and outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful spring, or a scenic waterfall, Emence has it all. You can visit the Alley Spring Mill, which is over a hundred years old, and visit Blue Spring, Missouri’s deepest spring at 300 feet. You can also explore Rocky Falls, an impressive cascading waterfall.

While in Emence, you can take a drive to nearby cities such as Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Nearby attractions include the Roaring River State Park and Blue Spring Heritage Center. For something a little different, take a scenic ride on the Akers Ferry, which is a historic waterway 30 miles outside of Emence.

Another of the things to do in Emence, MO is to hike in the surrounding areas. This is one of the prettiest springs in the area. Unlike many other springs, it does not look like a giant blue pool, but rather like a mountain spring creek. It is also the second largest spring in the state, with a daily flow of over two million gallons. There is a paved trail along the river that leads to the spring. The spring is stocked daily with trout from the nearby hatchery, making it a great place for anglers of all ages.

Blue Spring was a trading post for the Osage Indians, and Cherokee people who were on the Trail of Tears stopped here for a respite in 1839. The area has been recognized as a sacred site by American Indians. An archaeological dig in the area has unearthed prehistoric artifacts, ancient shellfish, and evidence of life dating back to 1700 AD. The area is one of the oldest state parks in Missouri and was added to the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in 1972.

Rocky Falls Shut-in

If you’re looking for a beautiful waterfall in Missouri, Rocky Falls Shut-in is the perfect place to visit. Located on Rocky Creek, it spills into a large pool of water. The falls are a picturesque spot for a picnic or day trip. The area is also home to plenty of native fish.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to beat the heat of summer in the Ozarks, consider visiting Rocky Falls. This waterfall is home to one of the most beautiful swimming holes in Missouri, and it also acts like a natural water slide. The falls are spring-fed, so they are cold all year round. Families will enjoy this unique destination.

Round Spring State Park

Round Spring State Park in Eminence, MO is a natural wonder. This spring is 13 miles north of Eminence on Highway 19. The water flows into a natural cavern that is almost perfectly circular. From there, it travels through a tunnel before emerging as a spring branch. Water from this recharge area would otherwise have to flow under the Current River. The spring was designated a state park in 1932 and was included in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in 1972.

Round Spring State Park offers visitors a wide range of recreational opportunities. During the summer, guests can enjoy ranger-guided tours of the cave. There are also several opportunities for hiking, canoeing, and fishing. The park also provides access to over 130 miles of waterways, including the Current River. In addition, the park offers canoe and kayak rentals and horseback riding trails.

Visitors can experience the water from the Round Spring, which is 55 feet deep. A natural bridge connects the spring to the Current River. The spring releases about 26 million gallons of water per day. During quiet times, you can even see otters, wood ducks, and great blue herons. Although it is not advisable to swim in the spring, it is wheelchair accessible and offers a scenic view.

Flat Rock Tower

A fire tower is not the only place where people can get a spectacular view of the Missouri Ozarks. The Flat Rock Tower in Emence is a good example. The tower is located above the confluence of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers. The site is approximately 80 acres. Historically, the tower has been manned at least forty days a year.

The Flat Rock Tower is smoke-free. This helps create a healthy environment and reduces the risk of injury. Smoking is prohibited inside individual apartments, in common areas, and within 25 feet of the building. Smoking is also prohibited in the grounds and surrounding areas. The property has a 24-hour security and maintenance staff.

A funeral service will be held at 1:00 p.m. on December 18, 2010 for Brenda Yarber, who passed away on December 17. The funeral service will be held at Mount Zion Cemetery in Emence, MO. The service will be presided over by Pastor Fred Pulliam.

In addition to the Flat Rock Tower, the town of Emence is home to several scenic overlooks and conservation areas. For a beautiful view, you can walk the scenic Highway 19 and lookout from the Flat Rock Conservation Area. The Angeline Conservation Area contains several small springs and sinkholes. It also contains a shooting range and a day-use Equestrian trail system.

The Flat Rock Tower in Emence, Missouri is a popular attraction for tourists and locals. It is located on the west side of the town. It is a unique landmark that is well worth the trip.

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