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Things to Do in Eminence, Missouri

Eminence Township, Missouri is a place with lots to offer visitors. Some of the attractions include Round Spring State Park, Blue Spring, Alley Spring, Rocky Falls Shut-in, and the Round Spring State Park. The town is also a great place to enjoy the local wildlife.

Round Spring State Park

Round Spring State Park is a natural area located 13 miles north of Eminence, Missouri. The spring is a picturesque place to visit and features a family campground, picnic area, and tour cave. The area was originally a Missouri State Park but was donated to the National Park Service in 1970. Round Spring Caverns is an incredible natural cavern, and tours are available daily.

Round Spring State Park is home to a beautiful campground that sits right next to the crystal-clear Current River. The area features a number of caves, and the campground offers year-round recreation and camping. Its 63 campsites feature drinking water, flush toilets, and showers. There are also fire rings, tables, and latern posts at each campsite.

Round Spring is located on the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the first national park to protect a wild river system. Visitors can view otters and great blue herons. There is also a wheelchair accessible paved trail. The spring is also a source of water for a number of wildlife, including otters, wood ducks, and great blue herons. Visitors are not allowed to swim in the spring, but the pristine spring is an excellent place to watch wildlife.

Alley Spring

Alley Spring is an unincorporated community in Shannon County, Missouri, six miles west of Eminence on Route 106. The town is home to the historic Alley Mill. This mill sits on a spring and is operated as an Ozarks history museum.

For outdoor adventurers, the town is known for its hiking trails and several outfitters and places to stay. The Missouri River is especially popular with families. It is a tranquil setting, even on overcast days, but if you plan to spend any time outdoors, make sure to take care of your skin. The Missouri River is known for producing rapid sunburn, so use sun screen to protect yourself.

Another place to visit is Alley Spring National Park. This historical site features antique mill equipment, including large wood and iron milling machines. It also has a water turbine. It can be raised and lowered to regulate the speed of the water. While the mill is not operational, you can tour it for free.

Native Americans used the Alley area for water purposes. The New Madrid earthquakes of 1812 temporarily stopped the flow of the Alley Spring, but it started flowing again in 1848. In 1893, the Alley Spring area was populated. This is when the Alley Mill, a historic structure, was built. It was originally unpainted. Alley Spring was named after local farmer John Alley, who opened the town’s first post office.

Rocky Falls Shut-in

Located in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways area, Rocky Falls is a picturesque shut-in located on Rocky Creek. The water spills over the falls into a large pool before emptying into the Current River. This secluded spot has plenty of native fish and wildlife.

Rocky Falls Shut-in is a nine-mile drive southeast of Emence, Missouri. The waterfall cascades into a large pool and offers picnic areas near the water. The area is also popular with hikers, as the Ozark trail runs right past the falls.

This historic location is a popular destination during the spring. While it’s a popular tourist attraction, it’s not ideal for large motor homes. The road leading to the site is narrow and winding, so it’s unlikely you’ll find a place for your RV. The secluded location makes it difficult to spot from a car, but a widened section of the dirt road may be the best clue. Inside, the house is made of rough cut planks, atop a rock foundation.

Rocky Falls is a stunning Ozarks wonder. The natural water slide in this “shut-in” is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day. Its natural pool is cool all year long, and the falls are also great for swimming. Families will love the pool and natural waterslides. Whether it’s a relaxing swim or a thrilling adventure, this Missouri attraction is a great option.

Flat Rock Tower

Flat Rock Tower in Emence, Missouri is a reminder of a bygone era. It was manned 40 to 50 days a year. According to the Missouri Conservation Commission’s Official Manual, the towersite is owned by the state. The tower is on 80 acres. The site is open to the public.

The Flat Rock Tower in Emence, Missouri has a history that goes back to the early 1800s. It was built on the site of a former lumber mill. Today, the tower houses a museum about the history of Emence. A visitor can also learn about its construction.

The Flat Rock Tower is a popular tourist attraction in Emence. The observation deck and viewing platform offer great views of the surrounding area. It’s a great place to watch the sun rise and set. The Emence River is also visible from the top of the tower. Many people use this tower to watch the beautiful sunsets over the surrounding area.

Located at the top of Emence’s Flat Rock Park, this tower overlooks the town’s city skyline. In the summer, it is the perfect place to take a picnic and enjoy the scenery. In the winter, the Flat Rock Tower is covered in snow. The Flat Rock Tower is an iconic landmark that can be visited by foot or by car.

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