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The Absorption and Absorbability Characteristics of Kosher Sea Salt and Regular kosher Salt

Kosher sea salt and table salt are very different, yet share many commonalities. Both are made from one type of salt mineral, sodium chloride. Sea salt has been used for cooking, baking, and even as a medicine for centuries. kosher salt was developed in the Middle East around 500 years ago. By the time the Jews immigrated to the Western world, kosher salt was widely used as a table salt, and it remained that way for many years. Today kosher salt can be purchased for cheaper in bulk quantities at online distributors of kosher supplies.

Most kosher salt comes in bags, but there are also bags of un-iodized fine sea salt available. Un-iodized fine sea salt does not have the additives that make table salt kosher. However, it is still a great option if you don’t want to go with kosher. Un- iodized fine sea salt has the same texture and chemical properties as kosher salt, but it is much less expensive. While all kosher salt is coarse by nature, un- iodized salt tends to have a finer and coarser texture. It also tends to be more absorbent than kosher salt, so it will need to be added much thinner to bring up its moisture level.

Kosher sea salt and kosher salt are both made with coarse grains of salt. For example, kosher salt is commonly made with sea salt, which is fine grained and contains larger crystals of salt. The fine grains in kosher salt make it ideal for adding flavor and texture to sea food, making it more salty than sea water itself. Many kosher salt products are un-iodized, meaning they do not contain any trace minerals. This makes kosher salt ideal for using on just about anything from poultry, fish, and even vegetables and fruits. It is also fine in sauces and soups, as it does not have the overpowering flavor of coarse grains that can give dishes a tang.

Table salt, also known as table salt or rock salt, is often made with coarse grains from the earth. These coarse grains tend to lack any minerals, so they are generally unsalty and less flavorful. However, table salt is actually beneficial for your health. Because table salt contains so many trace minerals, including potassium and magnesium, it helps to regulate your blood pressure and strengthens your bones and teeth. It also contains important vitamins and is beneficial for regulating your digestive system.

Kosher sea salt and kosher table salt are both very similar in their absorption characteristics. They both take absorbing salt mineral ions (sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc.) fairly quickly to get fully absorbed in your body. Unlike coarse sea salts which take longer to absorb these trace minerals, kosher salt and table salt do so fairly quickly.

The absorption rate of kosher sea salt and regular kosher salt are similar, however, they are slightly different in their mineral retention characteristics. Regular kosher sea salt tends to lose most of its trace minerals within just a few months of use. Kosher sea salts retain their minerals for longer, and they tend to stay crystal clear longer than table salt, making them much less likely to have an unpleasant aftertaste. This makes kosher sea salt a much better choice for seasoning your foods with.

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