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Top 10 Songs About Loving Yourself

In this list, you’ll find songs by the greatest pop stars that talk about loving yourself. They include Mary J. Blige, Demi Lovato, and Jessie J, among others. If you’re in a tough situation, or are unsure of your personal style, these songs can help you feel better about yourself.

Mary J. Blige

When we think of Mary J. Blige, we think of songs about love. Her songs are full of lyrical storytelling and dramatic instrumentals. Her songs about love, heartbreak, and re-finding yourself are always worth listening to. She specializes in empowering women through music.

“I Love Me” is from her album Breakthrough. It has a hip hop soul and contemporary r&b sound. It is a song about love and being single, as well as a song about a couple who decides to stick together. This song is full of emotion and is a classic r&b hit.

“Love Me” is one of her most popular songs. In it, she sings about a long-lost love and longing to be free from her past. In the video, she sports a red fur coat and a blue gown. The two share a bedroom in the background. The song topped the R&B album charts.

Demi Lovato

“Love Yourself” by Demi Lovato is one of the best-selling songs of 2017. The song is a powerful song about confidence and self-esteem. It is about letting go of the past, letting go of other people, and being happy with yourself. The song’s unique structure and chorus are both empowering and motivating.

Lovato is well-known for her powerful voice and openness about her life struggles. In recent years, she has opened up about her life experiences, and her struggles with addiction and eating disorders. In addition, she has written about her past sexual trauma. Those who have listened to her music know that she is a role model and an inspiration to many women.

“Love Yourself” is an anthem that aims to empower listeners to accept and love themselves. The song features Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber, among others.

Jessie J

When it comes to songs about loving yourself, Jessie J is an artist to watch. The singer’s latest single, “I’m Enough,” is a disco-fied ode to wanting love. It features classic Jessie J elements, including a thumping bass line, shimmering earworm chorus, and killer vocals. Jessie co-produced the single with Ryan Tedder, who has worked with Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry.

The artist has several hits in the United Kingdom, and her voice is a powerful one. Her songs are soulful, filled with emotion, and tell stories.

Fiona Apple

If you’re struggling with loving yourself, try listening to Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine.” Her lyrics are inspiring and will help you understand that you are special and deserve to be happy. She also talks about the importance of accepting your flaws and learning to live with them.

While Apple’s discography is large, her most recent album shows a more experimental side. The snarling breakup song “Fast As You Can” and the bouncy, percussive “Werewolf” are examples of her more experimental side.

In 2005, Apple released her debut LP, Extraordinary Machine, and later switched producers. She replaced Michael Elzondo, who is best known for working with Dr. Dre. This lead to controversy, with fans creating a “Free Fiona” campaign to pressure Sony Records to release her original version. Though Elizondo’s version was released in the end, fans are still divided over which version is better.


If you’re looking for a song to inspire you to love yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of your age, shape, or gender, there are some songs that can help you realize your own worth and make you feel more confident. “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande is a beautiful song about loving yourself and rejecting unhealthy people in your life.

“I Wanna Be Like the Girl in the Mirror” by Rehxa is a self-empowerment song that is often featured in a movie. This song is about self-acceptance and overcoming obstacles that life throws our way. “You’re the only person who can make you happy,” the singer sings, a message that can be interpreted as a prayer. “You Need to Calm Down” by Taylor Swift is also a self-care song. In fact, the song’s title is a shout-out to GLAAD, a group that promotes self-care without discrimination.


This week’s Top 10 Songs About Loving Yourself list is chock full of songs about loving yourself. From the queen of no-nonsense self-love, Lizzo, to the best songs about self-acceptance by other artists, the list is filled with anthems. For example, “Juice” and “Truth Hurts” are both great songs about self-acceptance. Another great track, “Soulmate,” is an anthem for embracing oneself. It also comes with a great lyric video, thanks to Netflix’s Queer Eye for 2020 Pride.

“I’m Scum,” by IDLES is another great song about self-acceptance. While the song is about embracing oneself, it’s also a song about embracing one’s body and knowing one’s value. The song’s catchy chorus evokes a feeling of self-acceptance that is both inspiring and empowering.


When you’re looking for a song to help you feel better about yourself, you’ve come to the right place. This list includes a selection of pop songs, which are designed to promote love and acceptance of yourself. The songs below are by some of the biggest names in pop music.

Lizzo is one of the most powerful artists out there when it comes to self-love. Her back catalogue is filled with anthems about valuing yourself. “Juice” and “Truth Hurts” are two great examples. “Soulmate” is another excellent choice. It also features one of the best lyric videos ever made.

Whether you are a teen who is just starting to love themselves or an adult who is more confident about who they are, there’s a song for you. Here are a few to get you started.

Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis’ “Melting” is a song about loving yourself. It tells a story about a girl who has a crush and feels like she’s melting when a man gets close to her. It has a very beautiful, uplifting tone, with the singer’s voice sounding like an angel. It also contains a light piano melody and gentle percussion. Listeners can feel exactly what the protagonist feels when the singer sings it.

This song is about being kind to yourself. If you’ve been feeling unappreciated and unloved, this is the perfect song to reaffirm your self-worth. It talks about how you need to love your weaknesses and accept yourself.


Whether you’re feeling self-conscious about your weight, your acne, or your lack of self-confidence, these songs can help you remember how valuable you are. Anne-Marie, a Canadian singer-songwriter, released her first single, ‘Do It Right’, in November 2015. She released another single, ‘Alarm,’ in May 2016. She also appeared on the hit single ‘Rockabye,’ by Clean Bandit and Sean Paul, which spent nine weeks at the top of the charts and was awarded the Christmas Number 1 that year.

“Psycho,” by Anne-Marie, features Aitch and is the artist’s first new song since 2021. It was teased back in June. The track is about calling out an ex who is cheating on you. It interpolates the classic Mambo No 5 and lists names of several women. Whether you’re looking for some self-love motivation, or simply need to let go of your insecurities and feel better about yourself, ‘Psycho’ is a great song to get you started.

Meghan Trainor

Loving yourself can be tough at times. You may feel that someone is constantly bringing up your flaws, or that your ex is constantly talking about how bad you are. But these songs can help you to focus on your strengths and celebrate who you are. Whether you’re trying to move on from a bad relationship or you’re just feeling down, you’ll find that these songs can help you overcome your problems.

“Beautiful Soul” by Meghan Trainor is a powerful song about self-love. The singer’s soulful voice is perfect for this anthem, which focuses on body positivity and love.

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