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The Benefits of Hiring an Airbnb Cleaning and Linen Service

If you own an airbnb property you may have heard of the benefits of hiring a cleaning and linen service. These services are available to make sure your place is clean and in good condition, and also to help you recover some of your hard-earned fees. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


The best part of hiring an airbnb cleaning company is that they are willing to make a few suggestions, which you can use to your advantage. In addition, the best deals are usually booked well in advance, making for a seamless service. They will also clean your place in the most professional and timely manner, and most of all, they are fun to be around. It is not uncommon for hosts to have a long running arrangement with a single cleaning company. This is a great way to maximize your cash flow and the benefits of being a host, while still providing your guests with a comfortable and well maintained home.

When it comes to booking an airbnb cleaner, be sure to read all the fine print, and ask for a free quote. You’ll also find that your host is likely to offer a few no strings attached deals, which may help offset your costs in the long run. And, be sure to ask your new cleaning partner about their experience and background in the cleaning business. If you’ve been reading this website, you’ve probably noticed that airbnb cleaning services aren’t cheap.


As a host of an Airbnb rental, you have a duty to keep the place clean. In fact, you can expect to get penalized for not meeting certain cleanliness standards. To prevent this from happening, you should set aside a certain amount of time for cleaning every time you rent out your home.

For most hosts, a four-hour window is a good benchmark. This will allow you to thoroughly clean your entire unit. You can even make use of a mobile app like TurnoverBnB, which automatically schedules cleaners and pays them.

The first thing you should do is check all of the surfaces you’ll be cleaning. For instance, it’s a good idea to remove the stains on the carpets and mop the floors before you start. Also, you should vacuum and wipe the countertops.


If you are an Airbnb host, you know how hard it can be to maintain your linen. Not only do you need to clean and sanitize your bed and bath towels, you also need to clean and sanitize any guest clothes and bedding that comes through your door.

It can be a very time-consuming chore. Fortunately, a laundry service can come in handy. These services pick, wash, fold, and dry your dirty laundry, saving you valuable time and money.

If you’re in Connecticut, you can get the best laundry service for your Airbnb by hiring a company called HomeCare. This company is dedicated to providing top-notch linen cleaning and other cleaning services for hosts in the Connecticut area. They offer on-demand linen services, free pick-up and delivery, and even hotel-quality linens.

Refunding fees

When you set up an Airbnb listing, you can charge cleaning fees. This will help you cover the costs of getting the place ready for visitors. However, you will need to factor in the cost of the cleaning when setting your overall price. It’s a good idea to research comparable listings to find an average.

Cleaning fees are not refundable during the guest’s stay. If the guest has to cancel before their reservation, they will receive a full refund. In addition, it is a common practice for guests to ask for a discount on the cleaning fee.

For an Airbnb cleaning fee, you should include all of the costs involved in getting the property ready. These can include paying cleaners, washing linen, replacing amenities, and more. You can also include rental commissions and insurance. But be careful not to overcharge guests for the service.

Removing stains

Whether you’re new to Airbnb or have been running an Airbnb business for years, you’re probably already aware of how important it is to clean and maintain your linen. Guests often come to your home to rent your space and have a tendency to damage things. Luckily, you can use these simple tips to prevent stains and keep your linens looking good.

The first step to cleaning and removing stains is to make sure that you take pictures of the damage before you clean. This will help you when you file a claim with the Host Guarantee. It will also help you when you try to recover any damages from your guest.

If your Airbnb guest leaves a stain on your bed sheets, start by pre-treating them with dishwashing detergent and vinegar. You can also add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to your water.

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