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Places to Go in Scottsdale, Arizona

There are many places to visit in Scottsdale, Arizona. From its historic downtown area to the Civic Center Mall, you’ll find a variety of things to do. From shopping to dining, you’ll find something for everyone in this Arizona city. We’ll tell you about some of the most popular shopping centers in the area, as well as places to get some rest.

Scottsdale’s cultural heritage

If you’re an art lover, Scottsdale is the place to go. This city is known for its art galleries that feature contemporary, modern, and Native American works. The city is also home to theatres and museums and hosts many cultural events. There are more than 100 art galleries and museums in the city. You can browse at your own pace or spend an afternoon at one of these art galleries. If you’re a collector, you should check out the Old Town Scottsdale Art District.

If modern art is more your style, you can visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. This 21-acre museum features the finest in contemporary art and architecture. The museum hosts nine to twelve exhibits each year and features a stunning outdoor installation by the artist James Turrell. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to see this iconic museum.

If you’re interested in learning more about Scottsdale’s diverse cultural heritage, you should consider visiting Scottsdale Historical Museum. The museum is housed in the historic Little Red Schoolhouse, which was the first building built in Scottsdale. You can learn about Scottsdale’s history through the artifacts on display and explore the classroom and kitchen that were once the heart of the city. The museum also has mementos of Scottsdale’s founder, Winfield Scott.

While you’re in Scottsdale, be sure to visit Candy Land. This attraction is a fun way to experience this place, where you can eat and drink until you drop. You can even bring your own drinks. This fun activity will help you meet new people and explore the local area. If you visit in the summer or fall, make sure to book your hotel early, as Scottsdale accommodations often fill up fast!

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale is one of the premier shopping districts in the Southwest, especially for art lovers who are looking for Native American and Southwestern artwork. It is also home to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of the West. The Scottsdale Historical Museum is also located in Old Town. Visitors can take a walking tour of the historic downtown area to learn more about the history of Scottsdale.

Visitors can also take advantage of the city’s eclectic boutiques, which feature unique local items, including clothing and art. There are also artisan boutiques and luxury stores. The Fifth Avenue Shops, for example, offer unique handcrafted jewelry made from local stone. There’s also a unique fountain of horses at the center of Fifth Avenue. Another popular attraction is the Promenade, which is situated at Frank Lloyd Wright and N. Scottsdale Rd. It also features the Spire sculpture.

Old Town Scottsdale is also home to several restaurants. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at some of the city’s best eateries. Most of these places are family-friendly and have a wide variety of food items available. You’ll be able to find a spot with something for everyone, and you can even find special deals like happy hour and family night.

When it comes to sweets, Old Town Candy and Toys is a popular stop in Old Town Scottsdale. Here, families can buy retro toys, as well as new ones, and a thoughtful selection of children’s books. For the adults, the shop offers tasty drinks and sandwiches.

Scottsdale’s Civic Center Mall

The Scottsdale Civic Center Mall is a three-block pedestrian mall located south of Indian School Road and immediately east of Old Town Scottsdale. It is anchored by the City Hall, Public Library, and Center for the Arts buildings. The mall was designed by architect Bennie Gonzales. The City has begun a master plan to improve the Civic Center to make it more attractive and functional for the community.

The Civic Center’s fountains and lagoon attract about 100,000 people each year. Until recently, the lagoon was 7 feet deep, which made it extremely difficult to maintain. However, the mall has recently raised the water level to 3.5 feet and installed an automated treatment system. This has resulted in a more relaxing and enjoyable mall for residents and tourists alike.

This year, the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall hosted a Hispanic Heritage Community Celebration. Sponsored by the Scottsdale Human Relations Commission, the event celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. The event featured costumed performers from 21 different Latin countries. It was a fun family event. It also raised a lot of money for a nonprofit organization.

Scottsdale’s park system is considered one of the best in the country. In 1993, the United States Conference of Mayors named Scottsdale the “Most Livable City” and awarded it the Hammer Award for its innovative workplace safety program. Scottsdale’s civic center has been recognized for its high quality of life and livability. It is home to many award-winning companies and institutions. Its stadium and TPC golf course are among the best in the country.

The Civic Center Mall is home to many public art works. Not only is Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture a popular attraction in Scottsdale, but the Civic Center Mall has many unique and interesting attractions for residents. There are even a number of galleries and museums to explore.

Scottsdale’s Laser and Mirror Maze

The rainforest-themed mirror maze at Scottsdale’s Laser and Mirror Maze is one of the most unique attractions in Arizona. The maze is part of a sprawling entertainment complex. The complex offers everything from laser tag to bowling alleys. Guests will also find a large arcade and restaurant.

The laser maze offers many different challenges to guests. Each level has different laser beams that you must navigate without tripping on them. There is also a timed element to the maze. It costs $9.95 for an all-day pass. Individual walkthroughs are $3.95. Guests can also purchase two, three, or five walkthrough passes.

The Laser and Mirror Maze is located on the same property as the OdySea Aquarium, and is near the OdySea Mirror Maze. The OdySea Aquarium is located on the other side of the lobby. The Laser Maze is a dazzling, mind-bending experience with mirrors and lasers that surround every path. The goal of this thrilling experience is to navigate a web of lasers and complete the maze as quickly as possible.

The OdySea Mirror Maze is another exciting adventure that opened in December 2013. The Maze is part of the OdySea in the Desert entertainment complex. It expands on the Butterfly Wonderland theme and offers a challenging and immersive experience for visitors. The hallways are lined with mirrors and lead through twisting corners.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular natural attractions in the United States and the world. Established in 1919, it now covers almost 2 million acres in northern Arizona. The park’s elevations range from about 1,200 feet near Lake Mead to over nine thousand feet in the Kaibab Plateau.

Its sweeping vistas of canyons and surrounding grounds make it one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. It is the crown jewel of the seven natural wonders of the world and attracts almost five million visitors every year. A trip to the Grand Canyon National Park is an experience that will leave you breathless. Hiking below the rim is a must for visitors, and helicopter flights provide stunning panoramic views. The rim is also a beautiful drive with scenic viewpoints and historical structures.

The Desert View Watchtower is a 70-foot stone building designed by Mary Colter. It has an impressive mural on the ceiling and 85 steps leading to its top. From the top, visitors can enjoy 360-degree views of the canyon from the Kiva Room. There is also a gift shop here.

For a closer view of the canyon, mule rides can be a wonderful way to see the park from the ground. Canyon Trail Rides offers both 1-hour and three-hour rides. The 1-hour ride traverses the North Rim, and requires riders to be at least seven years old. If you’d prefer a longer ride, consider booking a 3-hour rim ride to the remote Uncle Jim’s Point.

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