39th Annual Car Show, Sept 9th.

The Vintage Automobile Club of Ocean County, NJ welcomes you.

Dear Fellow Members,

I would like to start off by thanking those Club Members who braved the cold to be at the Seaside Heights St. Patís Parade. The crowds were large and loud.

We have a special bond with the Parade Committee and the Club feels obligated to bring as many cars as possible so thank you again!

As you know, we cancelled the March Meeting for weather reasons, not wanting to put anyone in harmís way. The April 4th Meeting is probably going to be held in the Green Island Community Center unless we get the word that Seaside Heights is completed and available for use. Weíll be sure youíre informed with the correct site of the Meeting.

We have been getting some new members and hoping each of you will recruit friends who arenít members to join our Club.

Iíll be sending around a signup sheet for the Ocean Road School (Pt. Pleasant) Car Show on Saturday April 28th at our April Meeting. It should be a fun day showing off our cars to the students and their Dads. They will provide food and beverages.

See you at the Meeting!
Don't forget to check DowntownTomsRiver.com for information about local shows & events in our area.
John Cusack

John Cusack - President
Gary Stabile - Vice President
Marge Kurtz-Cusack - Secretary
Everett Ross - Treasurer
Pat Ruckert - Sunshine
Denny Derion - Membership
Chip Jordan - Editor
Rob Mahoney - WebMaster


John Cusack

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